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This machine is OPT IPL SHR laser, which adopts advanced OPT (Optimal Pulse Technology), IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) and SHR (Super Hair Removal) technology suitable for hair removal, skin rejuvenation, skin redness removal, freckle removing, acne removal and so on.

Treatment range
Hair removal wavelength: 640nm
Skin rejuvenation wavelength: 560nm
Skin redness removal wavelength: 590nm
Freckle removing wavelength: 530nm
Acne removal wavelength: 480nm

System configuration
1. Fuselage shell adopts metal frame structure and is packaged in aluminum case with plastic mold ensuring the safety of transportation.
2. Copper radiator has a superior radiating effect, which is three times of radiating effect of aluminum radiator.
3. HCG capacitor imported from Japan has a bigger and stable capacity and adopts copper connections for the safety
4. MP-20R water pump is featured as high rotate speed, which can enhance the speed of water cycling and ensure output of supplying water.
5. Food-grade water feed pipe is safety and no toxic to health and adopts line connection, which is convenient for maintenance and prevents leakage effectively.
6. Imported 3000W power source provides more stable and larger capacity of power energy.
7. Windows for observing water level can watch directly the level of water in the machine.
8. Hand grip and bibcock adopts CPC anti-overflow design to prevent water leakage.
9. High quality ceramic protective tube protects the machine for a long service life.
10. Internal connection wires are labeled with sequence number for the convenience of overhaul.
11. Friendly and smart operation interface is easy to operate and choose gender, skin types, body parts, and density, color and hardness of hair, etc.

Principle of treatment
OPT IPL SHR laser can generate a high density laser, which can penetrate into the deep skin without any harm to body and directly act on hair follicles and destroy hair papilla achieving permanent hair removal. Simultaneously, the machine can also selectively act on the subcutaneous pigment and blood vessel to decompose melanin, close abnormal blood, resolve the various defects of skin. Additionally, OPT IPL SHR laser can stimulate the rebirth of subcutaneous collagen to make skin young, healthy and smooth and realize the effect of acne removing, skin redness removal and hair removal.

FBL is a reliable OPT IPL SHR hair removal machine manufacturer and supplier, mainly design and make laser beauty equipment and fat reduction device. The IPL hair removal machine together with other laser beauty machines, have wide applications like skin resurfacing, skin care laser treatment, hair removal, laser tattoo removal, skin lifting and tightening, etc. FBL beauty machines mainly use IPL, RF, ultrasound and laser source, continuous effort make us provide quality OPT IPL beauty machine with competitive prices.

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