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Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine
    1. Cryolipolysis Machine with 4 Handpieces Body slimming and shaping Cellulite reduction Localized fat removal Skin tightening and strengthening
    1. Cryo Lipo Laser Fat Reduction Device By potent physical lipolysis, freezing and lipo laser to dissolve the extra fat cell, this machine can eliminate the stubborn fat, which can not only achieve the goal of slimming and body-shaping, but also promote metabolism.
    1. Cryo Lipo Laser Radio Frequency Fat Reduction Machine Vacuum cryo lipo laser RF machine uses technologies of potent physical cryolipolysis freezing, vacuum roller massage and lipo laser to dissolve the extra fat cells. It can also tighten skin, remove wrinkle, massage and promote metabolism to achieve the effect of slimming, contouring and smoothing skin.
    1. Lipo Laser RF Body Contouring Machine Vacuum roller RF machine is used for skin tightening, wrinkle removal and massage, which can promote metabolism so that the effect of slimming, body contouring and smoothing skin can be achieved. It can also be used for treating the eyelid area.

FBL is a truthful lipo laser machine manufacturer and supplier, mainly design and make laser beauty equipment and fat reduction device. The lipo laser machine together with other laser beauty machines, have wide applications like skin resurfacing, skin care laser treatment, hair removal, laser tattoo removal, skin lifting and tightening, etc. FBL beauty machines mainly use IPL, RF, ultrasound and laser source, continuous effort make us provide quality lipo laser beauty machine with competitive prices.

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