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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Machine (HIFU)
    1. HIFU Body Slimming Machine The HIFU body slimming machine can eliminate cellulite and fat, so as to achieve the effect of weight loss of the whole body. The fat cells can be destroyed and reduced in number, so as to realize fast and persistent fat reduction without rebound.
    1. 2D HIFU Face Lifting Machine The 2D HIFU face lifting machine configures a number of treatment heads to act on different skin areas, suitable for face lifting and facial skin improvement.
    1. HIFU Facial Skin Lifting Tightening Machine HIFU facial skin lifting tightening machine has remarkable effects of facial skin tightening, facial wrinkles removal and skin quality improvement.
    1. Portable HIFU Vaginal Tightening Machine Vaginal care: restore vaginal elasticity, tighten vagina, and reproduce its pink and delicate color and beauty. In addition, the symptoms of urinary incontinence in women can be improved to some extent.
    1. Portable HIFU Liposonic Body Contouring Machine 1. Portable HIFU ultrasound body contouring machine can achieve skin rejuvenation and fat reduction.
      2. Skin rejuvenation: facial skin lifting tightening
      3. Fat reduction: fat reduction of the whole body, fat elimination
    1. HIFU Vaginal Tightening Rejuvenation Machine 1. Tightening: restore vaginal elasticity, tighten the vagina and reproduce its pink and delicate color and beauty.
      2. Moistening: moisten the vagina, increase the secretion and improve the lubrication degree.

FBL is a specialized high intensity focused ultrasound machine manufacturer and supplier, mainly design and make laser beauty equipment and fat reduction device. The HIFU machine together with other laser beauty machines, have wide applications like skin resurfacing, skin care laser treatment, hair removal, laser tattoo removal, skin lifting and tightening, etc. FBL beauty machines mainly use IPL, RF, ultrasound and laser source, continuous effort make us provide quality HIFU beauty machine with competitive prices.

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