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Shockwave Therapy Device
  • Shockwave Therapy Device
  • Shockwave Therapy Device
  • Shockwave Therapy Device

The shockwave therapy device can accelerate bone remodeling and healing, improve microcirculation and metabolism, promote the dissolution of calcified fibroblasts as well as the synthesis of collagen, reduce tissue tension and ease pain.

Technical parameter
Principle Shockwave
Display screen LCD touch screen
Voltage AC 100V-230V 50Hz-60Hz
Frequency 1-16 HZ
Energy 60 to 185 mJ (equivalent to 1-3bar)
Operation mode Continuous/4/8/16 pulse

1. promote cell division by enhancing ion channel activity.
2. Stimulate the growth of cytokine to enhance the permeability of cell membrane.
3. Improve blood circulation and enhance the mitosis of the bone cells, thus accelerating the healing process of bone.
4. The shockwave therapy device can be used with cryo fat reduction machine: if used after the cryo treatment, the device can soothe the cryo skin.

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