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1550nm Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine
  • 1550nm Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine
  • 1550nm Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine
  • 1550nm Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine
  • 1550nm Erbium Laser Skin Resurfacing Machine

1550nm Erbium Glass Laser can be used in the following treatment including:
1. Treating atrophic scars and wrinkles to resurface skin;
2. Treating acne and actinic cheilitis;
3. Improvement of stretch mark, coarse pore, skin saggy, skin thinning, skin fragility increase, rough skin, pigmentation and other phenomena.

Technical parameter
Screen LCD touch screen
Laser Erbium laser
Wavelength 1550nm
Working mode Stamping / Moving (Scanning)
Treatment head size 2/3/5cm
Treatment area Max. dia. 40mm
Pulse energy 1-120mJ(Stamping), 1-30mJ(Moving)

1. By using fixed-focus lens cone, a 40um (minimum diameter) focal spot can be obtained, then the doctor can have the deepest denudation depth (with unchanged energy). Abundant collagen proliferation are observed in histologic with best improvement effect of skin texture.
2. By using zoom lens cone, the doctor can have either light denudation or deep denudation optionally. The larger focal spot is for denudation of epidermis and upper dermis, and the small focal spot can bring deeper denudation to achieve abundant collagen proliferation. This skin resurfacing machine is also used in accurate treatment of small area.
3. The minimum focal spot diameter can also be obtained by using a roller-type fixed-focus lens cone, and it is specially used for the treatment of periorbital, perioral, nasal alar and other parts.
4. 8.4 inch large touch LED screen is easy to operate.
5. The Germany original image generator (CPG) can reduce the laser thermocoagulation (coagulation of heat generated by the laser) in clinical treatment with few postoperative complications. The single Full Face scan time of the high-speed CPG is as little as 1/3-1/5 as the similar devices.
6. Equipped with IPG's high-end 30W fiber lasers, the denudation depth is 3 times as that of the 10W lasers. The skin improvement result and side effect are also increased by 3 times.

1550 fractional laser beauty machine adopts Germany fiber laser which emits 1550nm laser, and equips image generator (CPG) to scan out focal spots of 50um-80um. It targets the water in the skin tissue, then a certain amount of hot denudation, little thermocoagulation and a certain amount of heat effect are produced in the area, where the focal spot directly penetrated, to form a minimally invasive small hole of 0.08-0.01mm (diameter) and its depth can up to 2mm (the depth is associated with the maximum degeneration depth of the solarelastotic). Then thermal bridging (the bridging of the heat) occur between the post-traumatic holes and the normal tissues to activate the wound-repairing reaction to the skin (inflammatory stage, proliferation stage, remodeling stage). Moreover, the thermal effect causes the collagenous fiber to shrink, while the thermocoagulation and invasive small hole cause the production of amounts of collagen to achieve the effects of reconstructing dermis structure, facial contours sculpturing, removing slight and moderate wrinkles, smoothing acne scars, and as a result the skin texture become fine.

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