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Better Laser Beauty Technologies for Patients

FBL manufactures beauty machines that cover a broad range of use cases with excellent results across applications. Our laser equipment covers products for hair removal, fat reduction, facial treatments, skin redness reduction, skin rejuvenation and tightening, and much more.

    1. CO2 fractional laser vaginal tightening machine is used to remove various wrinkles, stretch mark and various scars (traumatic scars, burn scars, and postoperative scars). It can improve skin elasticity, thinning, increased fragility, roughness and other symptoms.
    1. Picosecond laser beauty machine can effectively remove different kinds of tattoos, eyebrow cut, eye line cut, lip line cut and pigmented skin lesions like removing red, blue, coffee, brown and various colorized tattoos; and removing nevus of Ota, freckle, seborrheic keratosis, mole, postinflammatory pigmentation and chloasma, etc.
    1. 1550nm Erbium Glass Laser can be used in the following treatment including:
      (1) Treating atrophic scars and wrinkles to resurface skin;
      (2) Treating acne and actinic cheilitis;
      (3) Improvement of stretch mark, coarse pore, skin saggy, skin thinning, skin fragility increase, rough skin, pigmentation and other phenomena.
    1. The shockwave therapy device can accelerate bone remodeling and healing, improve microcirculation and metabolism, promote the dissolution of calcified fibroblasts as well as the synthesis of collagen, reduce tissue tension and ease pain.
    1. The device can replenish moisture for skin and expel toxins, so as to keep skin white tender and watery for a long time. The operation mode is noninvasive and of no pain perception. Precision of the device is closer to the super nanoscale grade, with higher spray micronized rate and stronger penetration.

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